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Printelligence solves all the complexities involved in the print process.

On one platform, you can create and store specifications for all of your print – and access them simply by taking a picture through the Printelligence app. It simply offers More for Less:

More control

Printelligence drives a comprehensive reporting suite, giving you real-time data to see how well you’re buying. It reports on supplier effectiveness and how your suppliers create value for your business. It gives a detailed analysis of spend and supplier performance over a range of parameters.

More buying effectiveness

Print buying teams need effective tools to easily and sustainably harness supplier value. Printelligence delivers tried-and-tested supplier management, buying and reporting tools which have been continually improved and refined by a team of print buying professionals over many years.

More supplier benefits

Best practise supplier management delivers maximum sustainable value from suppliers while delivering key business intelligence back to the supply chain to help improve performance. Our software works with suppliers to help them deliver best value while giving them the data to understand their performance in their marketplace.